Meet Aly

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Hello, I’m Aly. I am a Texas Wedding Photographer serving the Houston area and beyond. Let me begin by telling you that I never thought in 1 million years would have thought that I would be where I am today. If you were to have told high school me that I would grow up to be a full-time Houston wedding photographer and business owner, I would have simply laughed and walked away. I always grew up thinking that I would be the CEO of a big corporate company. Crazy to think that everything changed, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I have done the “traditional” route by going to college, getting a job, moving out and starting adulthood, but I learned it was not the route that I needed to take. If you take a look at my resume you will be baffled. I went to school for Mass Communications and Media Studies, joined a sorority, worked for a political non-profit moving to North Carolina and then Illinois, moved back to Houston and worked as a corporate recruiter, even worked at a sperm bank of all places, then worked inside sales for a construction company all to realize that this was not for me.

(I told you that you would be baffled)


All of this to realize that being my own boss was my calling. I never thought that my obsession with weddings would become my career. When I was little girl, I loved looking at bridal magazines, grew up watching Say Yes to the Dress, and of course, I have detailed Pinterest boards for any option of a wedding that I want to have whenever it is my turn to say “I do”. To put all of that together with my passion for photography is truly a dream come true.

One day I just bit the bullet and said: “Aly, you need to be happier”. So I did just that and stopped chasing what I thought I wanted and started chasing my dream.

Okay, now that my story is done, let me tell you a little more about my business.
houston wedding photographer

My business would not be possible without the amazing brides and clients that I have the opportunity to photograph. My brides get to hang out with me all day on their big day, and I am honored that they enjoy my company enough to allow me to be by their side for on average about 8 hours on their wedding day. Not only that, but my brides and clients trust me enough with the task of documenting their special moments. It is no easy task, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am proud to be serving my clients with amazing photos. Not only do I gain a client, but I also gain new friends with each session. I am so excited that you have considered Aly Hester Photography and I absolutely cannot wait to get to know you.



Aly Hester