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I am a firm believer that wedding photos should be printed. We have all shifted into this digital age and have lost sight of the value of printed photographs. One of the big reasons I became a photographer is because I loved what photos do for people. Photos freeze a moment to create a memory that will last for a lifetime. Your wedding day is one of the few days that you will want to relive and share for years to come. So when you get you wedding gallery, what should you do? Why should you print the photos?

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Pass Through Generations

Have you asked your parents or grandparents about their love story and wedding day? For most people, the answer is yes. We have listened to a loved-one’s story, but there is no greater moment than when they pull out the photos to show you. You can see it in their eyes, the photo brought up so many memories for them. A simply photograph can take us back to that moment in time.

Show Family Members

Yes, Uncle Bob and Aunt Susie have Facebook and they are very fond of sharing their opinion on social media. Grandma Patty has it too but doesn’t fully understand how to navigate through the site. So if we just post our photos on Facebook or social media, how are our loved ones going to see the photos. Family members are the people who want to see it the most. They want to hold those memories close to their heart. A parent album is the perfect gift for a grandparent to be able to have those memories.

A parent album is an 8×8 version of your wedding album. It has all the same photos and layouts, it is just a tad bit smaller of an album. It is the perfect Christmas gift for family members. I can guarantee that they will show you off to all of their friends too when they receive their album.

Photos in Your Home

When we first bought our home, Alex and I decided that we wanted to only hang art or photos that had meaning to us as a family. When someone walks in our home, we want them to be able to see our story by just seeing the photos on our walls. Wall canvases, framed portraits, and wedding albums are perfect home decor and conversation starters. We keep our engagement album on coffee table or mantle to always be there when guests come over.

Technology Crisis

This one is the scariest for me…

I am guilty of it myself, I put all of my photos on Facebook and I don’t think twice about them. It isn’t until Facebook sends me a memory notification that I see the photos again honestly. Personally, that is not how I want to remember my wedding day, by Facebook sending me a memory notification. What happens when Facebook crashes or gets hacked? All of those memories are gone forever.

Let’s go even further, so you downloaded your photos to your computer. Are they backed up to Google Drive? Are they on a separate hard drive or USB? What happens when your computer crashes and you lose everything on it, including your wedding photos? I know it is scary as hell to think about. But it is something that many couples don’t think twice about. My job here isn’t to scare you, it is to educate the masses on why printing and backing up your photos is so important.

If our house catches on fire I am grabbing only a few things: our pets, my husband, and our albums. I never want to lose those moments.

Professional vs Consumer Print Shop

You have many options to print your wedding photos, but the best option is to print directly through your photographer. Not only are you supporting a small business but you are guaranteed to receive high quality canvases, portraits, and albums when you print directly through your photographer.

Professional photographers partner with professional print shops to deliver the best quality prints for their clients. I get the most complaints about prints when clients print through CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Office Depot, or any other consumer “print shop”. I’ve seen so many different issues when printing through these consumer print shops. The most common complaints are: Poor quality on the image, the image is oversaturated and looks nothing like what the photographer delivered, the canvas or album falls apart, the album looks and feels cheap, the image has been distorted, and so many more.

Yes, it can be cheaper to print through these shops, but at the end of it all, most clients end up spending the same amount or more when printing through a consumer print shop because they have to reorder multiple times due to the product not lasting or being incorrect.

At the end of the day, please print your photos.

Photos were made to be printed and shared. You will not regret it!

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