Hermann Park Engagement Session | Danielle and Carey

Hermann Park Engagement Session

This Hermann Park Engagement session was my kind of fun! Not only did it include the most gorgeous couple, Danielle and Carey, it included two dogs, Teddy and Shiner, and a champagne toast. Danielle and Carey wanted to looks for their session: formal and fun casual. Let me tell you, they nailed every outfit and every pose! Complete naturals in front of the camera.

Their Story

Danielle and Carey met in May 2016 when they were students at Houston Baptist University. Danielle was an athletic trainer and Carey, a baseball player, had shoulder surgery that summer so they saw a lot of each other in the training room. They hung out together with friends and finally, and in November, Carey asked Danielle out. The date started out a little awkward, but by the end it was true love. They have been dating ever since!

The Proposal, Part 1

The signs were all there—it just took Danielle a hot minute to figure them out. First, Carey never plans a date start to finish. Second, he never plans it in advance. Third, he wanted to eat dinner at 3:00 pm.

Carey asked Danielle out two weeks ahead of the actual date in which he continually brought up going on a walk at Eleanor Tinsley Park then dinner. Danielle refuses to go on a dinner date hot and sweaty, so Carey takes the hint and says dinner will suffice (but keeps bringing up the walk). On the day of the date, Carey bailed. He claimed his aunt was in town (a little white lie). Danielle was not happy.

The following day, Carey asks Danielle to dinner and confesses his dad got the date wrong for his aunt’s arrival. Now Danielle is even more upset. Saturday Carey announces they are going to 60 Vines in Rice Village for dinner. Danielle had no warning so definitely did not have the proper attire. She felt she was a mess, but went anyway. Carey wanted to eat at 3:00 pm then meet his brother at a bar at 5:00 pm. Danielle is now suspicious!! Who eats dinner at 3:00 pm?

The Proposal, Part 2

After the early dinner, instead of going to a bar Carey said they were going to meet his brother at Eleanor Tinsley Park. After walking for so long and needing to use the restroom, Danielle was just struggling. When they arrived at the top of the skate park, there was no brother in sight. Danielle did see a guy in a red shirt with a huge camera who she thought looked familiar but couldn’t place.

Carey dragged her to the middle of the grassy area and said his brother wasn’t coming.  Then he asked her to marry him! Danielle was crying wet, sloppy tears. Carey hugged her and asked if she was going to say YES! Of course, she did and she couldn’t believe how many nice strangers were clapping for them. Until she realized her family and friends were there and witnessed the the entire proposal. And the camera guy—a former HBU sports photographer:).


Carey and Danielle, I had a total blast during your engagement session! Your love for each other is an inspiration. I can’t wait to see you become husband and wife in January at Lindsay Lakes in Cypress, Texas.


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