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The Annex Wedding Venue

Newlywed portraits at The Annex Wedding Venue were the perfect ending to a surprise wedding celebration for Jennifer and Peter. This amazing couple suffered a tremendous amount of family tragedy and loss in the middle of a pandemic in 2020. So, we gathered a dream team of vendors and went all out for Jennifer’s thirtieth birthday party turned surprise wedding day at B & B Butchers. To understand this amazing love story, I am going to have to start at the beginning.

The Big Surprise

Jennifer and Peter were working on the third iteration of their wedding day and were so ready to make it happen. Originally their wedding day was June 28, 2020, but Covid-19 got in the way. So, they decided to reschedule their wedding at B&B Butchers in Houston, Texas and move it to October 18, 2020. Unfortunately, in the middle of the pandemic, they experienced devastating loss in their family so they postponed the wedding again. After some time had passed, they decided to announce they were having Jennifer’s thirtieth birthday party on August  23, 2020 at B&B Butchers. For a month, Jennifer and Peter kept the secret to their friends! When guests walked into the party, they were greeted with a sign announcing this was actually their wedding day! I have never seen such a display of pure joy on their guest faces. It was incredible! The people dearest to them were simply overcome with joy and happiness for this couple.

All in the Details

Jennifer and Peter had one goal on this day: to end it by being married. Since they were surprising their guests with a wedding, they wanted to create something almost whimsical.  More than anything, after the tough year they were having, they wanted this day to feel like an exhale – like everything was perfect in that moment. Peter and Jennifer wanted to remind their friends and family that, even though everyone had been apart for months,  joy could be found in the moments they were together.

Giving a welcome speech was very important to Jennifer. And, since it was her birthday, she felt it was appropriate. Especially since she spent a month lying to her family and friends.  That was a really special moment for her!  While welcoming everyone, apologizing for lying about it being a birthday party, and just really telling everyone how much it meant to be standing there with all of them around them, Jennifer and Peter remembered to look around at everyone. They saw the greatest love and support system right there surrounding them. After, Jennifer snuck away to get ready and put on her stunning wedding gown.

First Look Brings Tears

Peter and Jennifer shared a first look before the ceremony! It was such a lovely moment! You could completely take in the love and adoration these two have for each other. And, Jennifer was pumped she got a few tears out of Peter when he saw his lovely bride in her wedding gown for the first time.  Jennifer shared with me, “It’s so funny to sometimes think, ‘five years ago, this person didn’t know I existed – and now I don’t know how I ever existed without them.  That’s how I feel about Peter. As cliche as it may be, he really is my ‘home,’ at the end of every day. He’s my very best friend and my very favorite person. Peter is my soft place to land, he’s where I can be exactly myself.”

Intimate Ceremony

Aesthetically speaking, Jennifer went for minimal decor since she loved the vibe of B&B Butchers.  Greenery and bright pops of colored florals brought pure joy to the space bringing it to life. This sweet, intimate ceremony was beautiful. Jennifer and Peter each shared their own vows they wrote for each other. I know those are moments they will never forget!


Bridal Party Portraits

With their closest friends by their side, we captured some bridal party portraits inside by the ceremony space. Everyone was all smiles and these friends were their greatest cheerleaders!

Vibrant Wedding Reception

Peter turned the tables on Jennifer and pulled off the ultimate surprise during this vibrant reception.  When Peter and Jennifer started dating, Peter mentioned that he always had wanted to learn how to play the guitar but never got one. Jennifer made his dreams comes true by gifting him one at Christmas. What she didn’t know was that Peter had planned on serenading her on their wedding day. He sang I Wanna Grow Old With You from The Wedding Singer, and Strawberries by Caamp…SWOON!! It was the ultimate Rom-Com moment.

After dinner, toasts and dancing, I whisked Jennifer and Peter away for some night time portraits. We couldn’t resist a few on the staircase and in the wine cellar. After their guest left (although truth is no one wanted to leave), they shared a private last dance. Jennifer said it forced her to pause and live solely in that moment and it was pure joy!

But, their story doesn’t end here…..

Newlywed Portraits The Annex Wedding Venue

Remember that October 18, 2020 date? Well, Jennifer’s vendor team wanted that date to be special too. So, we all gathered together and made more dreams come true. We surprised them with a newlywed portrait session at The Annex, bouquet and buffalos included. Just take in these stunning images. They so deserved this day!

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Schnieder! I simply could not be happier for you. It was such an honor being a part of your wedding journey. I wish you an amazing year ahead!


Shoutout to the amazing vendor team:

Photography | Aly Matei Photography

Venues| B&B Butchers and The Annex 

Florals | Artistry Abloom

Hair & Makeup | The Bridal Suite HTX

Dress |BHDLN Houston

Tux | Generation Tux

Cake | Dessert Gallery

Cookies| Tiny’s Milk & Cookies

Music & Lighting | Danny Ray

Videographer | J+D Photo and Video



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