Laguna Gloria Engagement Session | Chelsea and Travis

Laguna Gloria Engagement Session

This Laguna Gloria engagement session has a special place in my heart! When Chelsea and Travis told me they wanted their session to be in the Austin Hill Country, I was overjoyed. I absolutely love Austin, Texas and The Contemporary Austin did not disappoint. During their engagement session, we got to know each other even more. Chelsea is the official reason that I am hooked on Rothy’s shoes now! These two truly care for not only each other, but also their friends and family deeply. As we walked around the beautiful park, we discussed some of their wedding plans. Just about every plan was for the guests. They want to make sure that not only are people there to celebrate them as a couple, but have an incredible time while celebrating together.

Longtime Aquaintances Turns into Forever

Travis and Chelsea went to middle school, high school and undergrad together, but they did not date during any of this time. It was not until summer of 2016 that Travis and Chelsea ran into each other at Icenhauers on Rainey Street in Austin. There may have been alcohol involved, but they struck up a conversation when Chelsea recognized Travis from across the bar and had liquid courage to go up to him. They struck up a conversation and Travis asked for Chelsea’s number. A little bit later, Travis asked Chelsea to go out to lunch to see if they jived, even just as friends. Lunch went well and turned into drinks the next week and on the third week, Travis asked Chelsea on an official date and the rest is history. They have been going strong since February of 2017.


The Proposal

Travis took off of work on a Tuesday that was supposed to be one of his work from home days . He spent the whole day getting the rent house ready for that evening when Chelsea would get home from work. He even had to pretend to be on his lunch break when Chelsea returned to the house for her lunch. After lunch, Travis began to assemble the pieces for the setup. A trail of electric tea candles that made a pathway from the front door to the back porch, white and red rose pedals, and a marquee sign saying “MARRY ME”. We had some of our closest friends arrive and wait in the backyard. When Chelsea came home to what she thought was just a normal Tuesday evening, she found the newly decorated house and made her way to the back porch. Travis asked her to marry him, and Chelsea said yes! We were able to celebrate with our close friends and FaceTimed with our families to share the moment.

Chelsea and Travis, thank you for entrusting Aly Matei Photography to capture your love story. We are so excited about your upcoming wedding at Vintage Villas in Austin, Texas. The hill country is so beautiful and I know your big day will be so special!!


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December 7, 2021



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